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How to Organize Your Job Search

Organizing information in a systematic way is seen by most people as the most boring aspect of our daily lives. Whether it is organizing a grocery list, making a list of projects at work, or a list of things to do over the weekend; it is not the part of the day that we look forward to. However, organizing is a key to success in business and personal life. Making sense of the chaos in our personal and professional lives; and simplifying down to a list of items is the first step to getting control of your life.

In the same way, modern day job search is a chaotic mess. With millions of job listings and job seekers in multiple online and offline sources, it can be an intimidating proposition for a lot of people. Most people rely on a few common sources of jobs (Careerbuilder, Monster etc.) to avoid the greater mess around. They apply to every single job that they find online and clutch at straws. A few rely entirely on their network and on newspapers. Through 30 years of combined job search experience, the authors have come up with a road map to organize your job search. It takes into account your current skills, your dreams, the current job market, your training needs and your network. This will improve your job prospects.


Abhishek Kumar

Author, Career 3.0


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