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Top Study Abroad Programs

Many Indians think of studying abroad once they’ve finished basic education, but stall for a few moments to ask a simple question, “how and will it be worth it to study abroad?” There have been quite a few studies on the subject, and many conclude that to pursue higher studies abroad is well worth the extra effort, mainly because of the better opportunities that will be presented to a foreign-educated graduate.

Another interesting alternative is to pursue higher studies in a study abroad (or ‘semester abroad’) program, wherein you spend a few weeks, a semester, or a year in a foreign university to earn credits for your local university while exploring a new destination and meeting new people. There are many programs offered all around the world, and scholarships and guide to study abroad for these programs are also easy to find.

Finally, consider taking an internship abroad. Internships are more hands-on than taking university courses and are often given awards as top overseas study programs. They give you actual jobs and responsibilities, providing you with a clearer idea of how a certain career is run in a different place.

The top overseas study programs, of course, will depend highly on individual circumstances and preferences. There are many different programs open to aspiring students. You just need to figure out where to find them and how to apply. In this guide to study abroad, you’ll get some help doing just that.

LIVFund (

If you are an undergraduate planning on studying abroad or interning in Latin America, this might be the site you’re looking for. Several student testimonials talk about their insightful experiences in the continent. If going there may seem too pricey, think again: two scholarships are awarded every month. A guide to study abroad secret: there are scholarships for practically everything, so don’t hesitate to apply!

Biola University (

Recent surveys concluded that Germany is fast growing as one of the most sought-after study abroad destinations among Indian students. Biola University’s Heidelberg Semester Program is popular for having one of the top overseas study programs in the world, as cited in a guide to study abroad (

Students here will stay in the historic and picturesque town of Heidelberg and go to concerts, museums, and amazing cultural and historic sites – all included in the curriculum. Extended trips to Northern Germany and even to Austria are common. It is rare to find a program, which allows you to pursue higher studies as finely as this.

American Association of University Women (AAUW) (

AAUW provides international fellowships for women all over the world whose goal includes conducting full-time research. It also works for those whose aim is studying abroad in the United States, but are not US citizens. They support those who would like to pursue higher studies, especially in fields with low female participation. This is great news for many Indian girls, who may not have the same opportunities for taking top overseas study programs on their own.

The Intern Group (

This group allows you to pursue higher studies while studying abroad in diverse fields such as architecture, business, engineering, fashion, finance, science, and more in locations like London, New York, and Berlin, among others. They have featured in CNN, Forbes,, and TIME. They are easily among the top study abroad programs. The application process and interview are mostly online. You will enter your preferred program within weeks on acceptance. A guide to study abroad with this group is also available on their website.

Asia Exchange (

If you want to pursue higher studies somewhere that’s not so run-of-the-mill, say, perhaps, Bali, Phuket, or Seoul, then Asia Exchange may have some interesting programs for you. Their guide to study abroad states that it’s not so hard to apply for their programs. Almost 1000 students from 50 countries participate in their study abroad programs every year. They only require that you be at least an 18-year-old high school graduate with a good grasp of English, characteristics most Indians with plans of studying abroad easily meet.

UniPlaces (

No guide to study abroad is complete without a word about accommodations. Uniplaces simplifies the accommodation search process. The staff is accommodating, and the choices are endless. Furthermore, applicants also have a chance to win a semester’s worth of free accommodation in their country of choice while they pursue higher studies. Link:

Submit a video of yourself to apply. In the video, you need to be doing something kind for a fellow student. Plus points, of course, go to originality and authenticity.

Participating in studying abroad while you pursue higher studies can be a huge boost to your resume. However, the best part is achieving a wider appreciation of the world around you. Hopefully, this simple guide to study abroad has helped you in your first step towards joining your dream top overseas study programs. Go out, enjoy a different culture, try new food, and make life-long connections. The world is at your fingertips – grab it and never let go.

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