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This website is the ultimate resource for study abroad and career advice. We make sure you get the relevant career advice from the right professionals. You can use the quality and breath of content on our blog to determine our knowledge and dedication to the task. Between the co-founders, there are 20+ years of experience in studying abroad, living abroad, working abroad, job search and applying to top quality institutions worldwide.
This blog is for you if:
  • You are trying to decide which universities to apply for abroad
  • You are qualified and struggling to land a job in your field
  • You need help with the Statement of Purpose (SOP) for your study abroad application
  • You want to switch fields, or are curious about another field; and want to figure out how to get into that field.
  • You want to know which country would be the best for your field.
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13C - About Us


He is a Georgia Institute of Technology Masters’ Thesis graduate for Mechanical Engineering. He worked for 5 years at Chrysler in Chicago Area as a Manufacturing Engineer, and also worked as a Design Engineer at Continental Brazil and as a Software Developer at Engineous Software in Atlanta. He was brought up in India and done several work abroad programs; and has lived in 5 continents, and also traveled to 28 countries so far. He is currently working for a large MNC in Sydney, Australia as a R&D Validation Engineer; and working on his next ventures.

Mahama - About Us


A professional in the Solar Industry. He is co-founder of Novaya Solar, a startup that aims at making solar energy an affordable alternative to gas/electric power in rural Africa. He has over 15 years of work experience. He also has a MBA from Columbia and Masters' in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech.