The Ultimate Guide to Scholarships for Indian Citizens

This book contains:
  • US University Scholarships for Indian citizens

  • Australian University Scholarships for Indian citizens

  • European and Canadian University Scholarships for India citizens

  • Tips on how to apply for scholarships


Career 3.0

This book is a comprehensive collection of the latest strategies in career planning to reach and impress hiring managers at your desired employment destination.

Highlights of this amazing book:

  • Map out your job search using our career roadmap

  • Get a leg up on your competition by using the hidden network

  • Resume, cover letter tips that will get you hired

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This book provides a practical guide to traveling the world as a student. If you are planning on taking a break year or doing a study abroad/work abroad program, this book provides you with all the tools you need. It serves as a universal guide for traveling around the world on a low budget.

The mainstream travel industry is geared toward short term vacations for young couples and rich retirees. The most expensive hotels, resorts, and restaurants are advertised everywhere. Even with the best deals that you get on these luxuries, it is still an expensive proposition in the long term.

The focus of this book is on how to travel the world in a way that keeps you healthy, gets you a better cultural experience, and doesn’t break your budget. You can learn how to travel cheaply around the globe, eat healthy, exercise, and live in affordable accommodations.