Branches of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a broad field and the engineers that I know get into a variety of careers. There is no concentration of engineers in a particular mechanical field; which is common in most other engineering fields. Here are a few mechanical engineering fields:

1. Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

This involves understanding the different factors that affect fluid flow in pipes, AC’s, tanks, rockets, jet engines and aircrafts. It involves optimizing the fluid flow and heat distributions in various devices. Computational Fluid Dynamics is a commonly used software here. Optimizing heat distributions in HVAC components is the area of potential highest employment here.

2. Mechatronic

This is among the fastest growing fields in Mechanical Engineering, and requires knowledge of mechanical engineering principles, electronics and computer science (programming). The knowledge of various skill sets makes one very employable, especially with the growth of iOT (internet of things).

3. Renewable Energy.

This is a fast growing field; when you look at the combined fields of wind, solar and electrical storage. However, there is not an abundance of jobs in this area as it is just getting off the ground.

4. Structural Mechanics.

This involves working with different structures to increase their strength and reduce weight. Optimizing the weight distributions so that material is allocated in important areas of the structure. A commonly used software here is Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

5. Manufacturing.

Involves working with manufacturing processes in the plant to improve their efficiency and product quality. Even though it is an area of high employment in mechanical engineering, MechanicalEngineer 300x223 - Branches of Mechanical Engineeringthe jobs are pretty mundane and involve very little use of mechanical engineering principles. It’s best to avoid this if possible. There is also been a notable shift in manufacturing jobs from the developed world to the developing world; over the last decade.

6. Acoustics.

It’s the branch of engineering that explorer vibratory phenomena in solid structures, in air and/or water.

7. Bio Engineering.

Mimicking birds and animals to achieve engineering progress has always been a benefit to the engineering community. e.g. Mimicking of birds to invent planes.

8. Nano Engineering.

Nano Engineering is a field that involves study of mechanical properties of substances as they get miniaturized. Unique properties result due to the miniaturization.This is a fast growing field, due to the rising number of small industrial and consumer devices.

9. Robotics.

This involves automation of mechanical systems by programming hardware devices, as this is a fast growing field which involves knowledge of a variety of fields across various engineering disciplines.
Besides these fields, there are several Mechanical Engineers who work in Consulting, IT Services, programming and industrial engineering jobs.
Despite the various opportunities, do be aware that there are a lot of mechanical engineers who graduate every year; so getting a good job is very competitive. It is even more competitive for those who do not have the work visa for the required country.
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