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Fastest Growing Industries in the United States

 With the advent of the internet, we have all the information at our fingertips. In fact, we have too much information. Filtering through information is as important as getting information. One of the important factors that influenced the 2016 Presidential Election was the issuance of fake news on Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter feeds across US voters’ accounts. Publishing Pro-Trump fake news was extremely profitable, and spammers across the globe sent out tons of fake news. These were hard to filter out since they seemed legitimate.
So, what can we learn from this? It is very important to learn how to filter news that you see on the web. In some cases, you need to filter the advice that you get in your daily life that may not necessarily be accurate. Even if it comes from your close friends and family. This is even more important when you are making an important career decision. So, if you are looking to figure out which industries to get into, look for reliable sources. Below are a couple of suggestions:
1. O*Net Online is the best resource for salary, wage and job growth outlook in the United States. It is used by the US government to issue check job descriptions for prospective green card applications. It has a list of occupations that are sorted by demand, by green economy, by number of job openings.
It also has job descriptions, median salary, tools required, outlook for every single profession in the United States.
2. Clarity is a new tool that lets you connect with professionals in your field of choice. You can talk to people in your field of choice, university of choice and location of choice to give you an idea of what it is like to work in that field. For a small fee, you can book a Skype or phone appointment with a professional of your choice; and go beyond the numbers (on O*Net online) to learn exactly what it is like to work in those fields or study in those universities.
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