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Get a Job Outside of a Career Fair

It is a difficult proposition to immigrate to a different country and find a job that’s relevant to your qualifications. This is especially the case when you didn’t complete a degree in that relevant country as most employers do recruit from the university’s campus events. Outsiders find it difficult to get in.

If there is a particular company that are you looking to work for but are not able to get in touch with them, do the following to give yourself a better chance.

  1. Go to their online career website and look at the entry level positions available. Apply for them online.
  2. Look for the corresponding posting on the LinkedIn website. Contact the recruiter for the position with your resume and cover letter.
  3. Do LinkedIn searches for “Company Name “+ Recruiter, and contact the recruiter that are hiring for your group.
  4. Also note that most positions are not posted online and are part of a hidden network. Read below to make most use of your contacts.

The hidden network


  1. You can also improve your long term employability by networking on a regular basis using the information below:

Different Ways to Network


Abhishek Kumar

Author, Career 3.0

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