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Mechanical Engineering Study Abroad Programs

 There’s millions of mechanical engineers in India looking for better opportunities and higher pay outside India. They are looking for more information on mechanical engineering programs abroad.  Yes, there are countries whose economies that have a better history of hiring mechanical/manufacturing engineers. These mechanical engineering programs abroad also have a better standard of education. I have excluded China from this list as I am not aware of the immigration and language complexities involved in working in China. But China has the largest manufacturing base in the world; and manufactures more cars than any other country. Below is a summary of the 3 most popular mechanical engineering programs abroad for Indian mechanical engineering students. I am also including on immigration to the respective countries of the mechanical engineering programs abroad.


The US is a huge market for mechanical engineers. It is the biggest consumer market in the world. And if you are only keen on gaining knowledge and not immigrating, USA is the best destination. It has the top ranked universities in the globe for mechanical engineering. As for which universities to choose, I would suggest looking at what industry you want to get into within mechanical engineering. The automotive industry is mainly concentrated within the Michigan area; so universities such as University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and Michigan State are good mechanical engineering programs abroad. The University of Clemson is also a great program for automotive engineering.
Georgia Tech is a great university for jobs in HVAC and fluid mechanics; while Stanford, Cal Tech and UBerkeley are good mechanical engineering programs abroad for biotechnology and other startup opportunities.
One thing to be wary of is the current US immigration system. It is difficult to deal with and becoming a permanent resident is a painful process.
For example, with current regulations, even if you get a job you go through a visa lottery to determine if you can apply for h1b. In the last two years, your chance of getting a visa is 1 in 3, given number of applications.
Also, for citizens of India, the wait time for a green card is 10+ years. And it is very difficult; if not impossible to switch jobs in those 10 years.
Manufacturing, in general, is also on a decline in the USA for the last 2 years; so, I would recommend being careful about the field that you do a MS in. Anything that integrates mechanical and computer has great scope (mechatronics etc.) while fields like manufacturing will be difficult.
Cost of educations is high without scholarships.
Quality of Life depends on your industry and location. For Indians, it is great to live in areas like California, Texas, Georgia (with good weather etc.).


Germany is good for automotive and manufacturing provided you can learn the language and be fluent. Work hard and do as many internships as possible during your course to maximize your chances.
The economy is smaller than the US, so it may be more competitive to get a job. But once you get a job it is easier to settle down with the immigration process.
A lot of the top manufacturing and automotive companies have bases in Germany; as they are known for producing high quality products that are used in every corner of the globe.
Cost of education is very low compared to the US.
Quality of life is better than the US.


Economy is smaller than the US; and jobs are focused in the Ontario area. However, once you get a job, it is much easier to get a green card and settle down.
Living costs and taxes are much higher in Canada. So when you get a job, you will be paying a lot in taxes.
Weather is really cold in Canada with frigid temperatures most of the year.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom has a good-sized manufacturing base with high quality education. However, the cost of education is very high and the immigration policy is even stricter than the United States of America. If you are not able to get a job in the UK before you graduate, you have to leave for your home country.
It is not one of the good mechanical engineering programs abroad if you plan on immigrating.


  1. Focus on your field of mechanical engineering that you want to get into. Some of these fields are better in Germany and some in USA/Canada.
  2. If you hate cold weather, stay away from Canada.
  3. Talk to people who have done Masters’ in mechanical in these 3 countries.
  4. The quality of university also matters. Industries of all countries give preference to hiring people from higher ranking universities.
  5. Work hard, do internships, school projects and other items that will get you the job.
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