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Networking Examples

Ever wondered how to reach out to someone after meeting at a networking event, or contact someone who’s in your dream job or want to learn more about your dream job. Check out these sample informational interview request emails below. Also included are other networking examples.

Sample Informational Interview Request

Subject: Informational Interview Request from Georgia Tech Student




Dear Ms. (insert name here),




Sam Hoffmayer, Assistant Dean of Georgia Tech, suggested I contact you and asked me to pass along his regards. I understand you have expertise in solar cell technology and I’m very interested in learning more about your work at Solar City. I wish to pursue a career in solar engineering upon graduation from my university next year.




Over the past two years, I’ve worked for the Solar Jackets team, which builds solar powered cars and modifies existing cars to allow for solar utilization. This sparked my interest in solar cell research.




I plan to move to California after graduation and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your projects as well as career opportunities available in the field.




Even though you are a busy person, but I would appreciate your time. It would be great to meet you before May 25 before my summer break, if your schedule permits. I will give you a call next week to check on the possibility of setting up a meeting.




Thank you in advance for your help.








(Your name)


(Email here)


(Address here)


(Phone number)





Sample Thank You Letter



Dear Mrs. Short,




Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me. I found your advice very useful and will use it to obtain an internship at CapGemini Consulting.




As you suggested, I called their senior manager Tim Starr and will be meeting with one of her consultants next week.




I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Austria before moving back to Chicago. I look forward to talking to you when you return. Thank you for your help and I will keep you posted on my job search progress.













Your name here




(Phone number)







Sample Thank You Letter



Dear Steve,


We met briefly at the end of our flight to Chicago two weeks ago. As I mentioned, I am changing careers from law to advertisement. You had the insight and kindness to advise me on companies that would be interested in my background.


Since our discussion, I’ve decided I need to get some digital advertising experience. Amazon Marketing Channel is one of the companies I’m interested, and I noticed you have a connection to their marketing manager Rick Smith. Would you be able to introduce us or pass along a recommendation for me to him?




(Your name here)

(Reference: Ref:




Ever wondered how to reach out to a person working in your dream job, or wanted to learn about a new career. Check out these templates below to learn more about how to reach out by email.


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