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Pros and Cons of Doing a Thesis for a Masters degree

If you are considering starting a Masters degree, you may be wrestling with the decision to take on a masters program that has a thesis requirement or a non-thesis. Thesis work as well as hands-on work for a masters can each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some top things to consider when making your decision to move forward.

Masters thesis

A masters thesis gets you experience in research which helps for a PHD. Writing a thesis and being a published author also makes your application more reputable for job applications. In addition, you also enjoy a little less class time in order to graduate. This can be more than made up for with the amount of time you spend on your thesis.
The only downside to writing a thesis is that it takes a very long time to research and finish it. You may have to go through hours of research, writing, revisions and then learning your thesis for presentation. Your thesis presentation also involves a bit of nerve-racking presentation in which you will present your ideas to a committee and be questioned on them. Regular practice presenting your ideas and answering questions will help you to prepare and make sure that you can have your thesis approved.
One of the main benefits here is that you are more likely to get funded (with a graduate assistanship or teaching assistanship) if you are in a Masters’ thesis program.

Non thesis program

A non-thesis program will help you avoid lots of research and help you to continue working with faculty to expand upon your learning. This is closer to the undergraduate university experience. You can also include some hands on learning at a local business related to your field.
The drawback to this is you still have to be tested on the extra knowledge that you acquired at the end of your thesis. You may have to take on a lot of extra class hours to make up for the time you would be spending on your thesis.
In most cases either MS option will present you with a wealth of career options. Sticking with a thesis oriented masters however will give you a better chance at landing a job in research.
Abhishek Kumar