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How to get Scholarships for a Masters degree in USA

     Most students that I interact with are intimidated by the high costs of completing a Masters’ degree in the United States. Given the strength of the US dollar, it is even more intimidating for students who live overseas. However, a good number of students are able to fund themselves through graduate school, either through graduate teaching assistant ships or graduate research assistant ships.

    To get these funds, you need to be enrolled in a Masters’ thesis for most universities. A thesis is a final project that a student submits to the faculty to get approved. It involves working on a research project for a particular professor for the duration of your Masters’ degree. The degree of difficulty of the thesis depends on your professor and on your field of study. You should sign up for a thesis in a field are passionate about. You will spend most of your time on your thesis, and some professors require you to take certain classes to complement your thesis. Students that I know generally obtain funding in one of the following ways:

  1. Research Assistanship – Before Start

    They approach professors the year before they start and express interest in the projects to interview for research positions. At the same time, they are applying to universities that interest them. Doing this is especially beneficial if you are doing your undergraduate studies in the same university.

  2. Research Assistanship – 2nd Semester

    The students start university with no funding and pay for the first semester. During the first semester, they interview with professors and get the required funding for the rest of their studies.

  3. External Scholarships

    Students obtain funding through external scholarships. A lot of these scholarships are specific to citizenship, nationality, subject etc. and students do their own research on exactly what would fit them best.

  4. Loans

    Students are not able to fund and take out loans from their own country.

  5. Self Funding

    Students have enough money to cover themselves, and therefore, do not need funding.

-Abhishek Kumar

Author, Scholarships for Indian Citizens

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