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Study Abroad Scholarships for Australia

Studying abroad in Australia is among the most expensive propositions in education today. Australia is a developed country with highly ranked universities, top ranked healthcare system and great standard of living for all its citizens and otherwise. It is also much easier to get a permanent residency in Australia compared to countries like United States of America (USA) or United Kingdom (UK). As a result of these facts, there is a huge demand to obtain a degree in an Australian university. This demand has caused it to be an expensive proposition. Scholarships for higher studies abroad in Australia are even more prominent as teaching/research scholarships are difficult to come by.

Also, most of the scholarships for higher studies abroad in Australia are for Australian universities are for Australian citizens and Australian Permanent Residents. The pressure to pay off high interest loans from India would be very high with an Australian education. It would be very difficult to pay off the loan without a job in Australia. And it is no easy task to get a job in Australia without a permanent residency.

One way to deal with this issue is to apply for graduate and teaching assistantship positions. It is possible to attain them, but there are not as many of them as there are in a country like US or Canada. This is because the Government does not fund research as much in Australia.

To help out with this problem, the Australian Government, Australian universities and other organizations that provide scholarships do offer either partial or full scholarships for Indian nationals. A few of these scholarships include the Australian Awards Scholarships and the Endeavour scholarships. There is a significant number of similar scholarships, and a number of them are listed in my book titled “Scholarships for Indian citizens looking to Study Abroad”. It also has a list of scholarships for people looking to study in USA, Canada, UK and Europe.

You can obtain this book here.

Let’s look at a couple of scholarships for higher studies abroad in Australia included in this book:

Australian Awards Scholarship

Australian Awards Scholarships is one of the top scholarships for higher studies abroad in Australia. It is provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Australian Government. Citizens of developing countries from Asia, Africa, Pacific and Middle East can use this to complete undergraduate and postgraduate studies in participating Australian Universities and Colleges. The award provides long term development needs of partner countries in accordance with bilateral and regional agreements.

The selected applicants are expected to engage in research and study provided by the Australian Universities and is able to acquire knowledge and develop skills that help in driving change and contributing to the development outcomes of their specific countries.

It covers full tuition fees, air travel, living expenses, textbooks and basic health insurance. The award amount is $25000 -$35000 AUD.

The students should leave Australia for two years after they finish their studies.

The scholarship is open to citizens of India and other developing nations. There is a requirement that the applicant cannot be an Australian/New Zealand citizen or permanent resident; or related to one. You can get more information on the scholarship at:

Endeavour Scholarships

The Endeavour Postgraduate scholarship program is for international students who are completing a Masters or PhD in research/ courses in Australia. The scholarship for higher studies abroad is available for four years for PhD students and 2 years for Masters’ students. Students pursuing higher studies abroad with institutions in Australia qualify for this. This is open to citizens of developing countries like India.

What makes this one of the top scholarships for higher studies abroad award is the stipend. It includes $140500 for Master’s program and $272500 for PhD program. In addition, there is also a stipend of $AUD 3000 for travel expenses and $AUD 4,000 for establishment allowance and one of $AUD 3,000 monthly stipend. Moreover, the scholarship also provides health and travel insurance.

The applicant must be a citizen of one of the participating nations. They should be from the Asia, The Caribbean, Pacific, Middle East amongst others. Indian citizens can participate. Link below has more information:

You can get more information about the above two scholarships, and also other scholarships by downloading my ebook on Scholarships for higher studies abroad. It is title “Scholarship for Indian Citizens looking to Study Abroad” and can be obtained on Amazon using this link here.

It also has information on scholarships for higher studies abroad in USA, Canada, UK and the EU. There is one chapter with tips and hints on how to approach the application process. I suggest that you read the requirements for each scholarship carefully before applying. Every scholarship is very specific and targets specific demographics with specific skillsets. I wish you the best of luck in your studies and careers.


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